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Art Week
This week, Woodpeckers have been enjoying art week. We have designed and created woodland dioramas to go with our 'Into the Woods' topic and finished our clay tree faces after analysing, designing and evaluating. We will celebrate at the end of the week with an open art exhibition for parents to enjoy.

Coronation Tea Party
Today in school we have been celebrating the King's coronation. We ended the day with an amazing tea party in our classroom. Thank you to all the generous families for your donations.

Woodpecker's Summer Term Topic Web:

Science Day!

Today we were lucky enough to be joined by lots of Scientists from Oxford University. We were able to do lots of amazing activities like designing our own vaccine, making DNA and made nervous systems from glitter.

Skateboarding Workshop

Today we had an amazing skateboarding workshop which the Woodpeckers loved! We learnt how to get on a skateboard, move, turn and even some tricks! The children used brilliant teamwork and encouragement and left feeling inspired and proud of themselves!

Spring Term Forest School

Woodpeckers and Owls did an amazing job in their nativity performances of The Bethlehem Star!

In DT this term, Woodpeckers have made superhero pouches. They designed them, cut the fabric, sewed them using a running stitch and glued their designs on. The final products turned out brilliantly!

Today it is Friendship Friday. We have had a lovely day in Woodpeckers celebrating. We wrote on leaves about a child in the class that we don’t usually play with - why they are a good friend - and we added them to our classroom tree. Owls class then joined us for some shared reading and we even enjoyed some biscuits because we tried so hard in our assessments.

We had the harvest festival at the church this morning. Woodpeckers learnt and performed a harvest poem brilliantly!

Forest School - Autumn Term

We had an amazing afternoon at St Mary’s Church taking part in the ‘Be Space’ activities. There were lots of engaging activities to do like ‘pipe cleaner people’ and ‘fizzy forgiveness’ which the children loved. We thought about what and who we’re grateful for, hopes for different countries around the world and how we can forgive others.

Woodpeckers have enjoyed a brilliant morning working with colour and different media in art.

Woodpeckers have had a brilliant start to year to year 2. They loved our PE lesson this morning where we were focusing on team work and catching skills.

Meet the Teacher Evening Information

Welcome to Woodpeckers 2021-22 with Miss Hustler!

We made biscuits for our celebration of learning evening today. Hopefully the parents enjoy!

A fantastic morning at Ignite multiskills festival!

We have started our plants topic in Science. Today, we looked at differences between seeds and why plants produce them. We then did a seed hunt on the field.

We have been reading The Storm Whale in English and Woodpeckers have created amazing narratives from the perspective of the main character Noi.

A unique art lesson using real fish to help us understand the intricate detail of fish scales!

Year 2 Sleepover!! We have a wonderful evening playing games, eating hot dogs, toasting marshmallows and watching a film before bed. The children were so resilient putting their beds away and getting themselves ready for the morning. I was very proud of the teamwork they showed helping each other. A very fun evening had by all.

Forest School - Summer Term

Our art topic is drawing this term and we have been looking at different materials to draw with. Our focus artwork has been ‘southwold’ by Stanley Spencer and today we used view finders to recreate parts of the picture.

School trip to Ruislip Lido for our topic ‘Life on the Ocean Wave’. We went on a walk through the woodland, made sandcastles and played on the beach before a beach scavenger hunt. The children had a wonderful day!

Performing ‘Resurrection Day’ at St Mary’s Church for our Easter Service

Final healthy wrap designs in DT. Woodpeckers loved making their wraps and eating them for lunch today. A brilliant way to end an exciting topic!

Year 2 SATS Information Powerpoint

Science Day! We have had so many amazing scientists from Oxford University join us at school for a day of exciting workshops and learning. We have made DNA, learnt about germs, improved our memory and found out about sinking and floating.

Forest School Fun during Spring Term

Our DT topic this term is ‘food and nutrition’ and this lesson we have been exploring taste, texture and smells of fruit and vegetables.

This afternoon we have enjoyed our sports for champions circuits and assembly. We had Zeeks come to school who represents Great Britain and Nigeria in the long jump. All the children raised so much money for a great cause being sponsored for their circuits.

Great Fire of London show from Science Oxford!

World book Day! We are so excited to be back celebrating as a school after 2 years not being able to. Whole school parade, assembly with a book related quiz, shared reading and world book day activities throughout the day! The costumes are fantastic, well done everyone!

Shared reading with the year 4s and 5s!

Our finished African pouches! The class did so well designing, creating templates, sewing the pouches and finishing their final product. They then wrote up step by step instructions for what they did and evaluated their work.

We started our sewing project in DT today! By the end of term, our aim is to make African inspired pouches. Today we designed 4 options before learning how to do a running stitch with a needle and the whole class produced a brilliant practise piece of fabric with a running stitch around it.

Whole school trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park!

Our harvest poem performance at St Mary’s church for harvest festival.

Exploring different tools to paint with in art!

We’ve enjoyed an amazing cheerleading session today. The class loved learning a new skill!

Experimenting with waterproof materials in Science.

Enjoying our new PE lessons, starting with ball skills!

Amazing African drumming workshop to begin our ‘Colossal Continents’ topic.

Autumn Term Topic Web

Year 2 Woodpeckers with Miss Lamb 2019-20

We have spent the morning finishing our Tudor Houses and recreating Pudding Lane!

Owls and Woodpeckers loved the dance workshop this morning. We pretended to be pirates, cleaning the deck, climbing the rigging and looking out for the captain!

After many conversations at parents evening regarding Year 2 Spelling Rules, here is an exciting website with the rules, games and much more to play on at home, (Just copy and paste the link onto a new browser). Happy learning! 

We have had a fantastic afternoon testing materials to see if they are waterproof. We decided that the Queen would be best in a plastic hat to keep her dry, rather than a fabric one!

In RE we have been learning about kindness and how Jesus taught us to be kind to all. We have had a special visitor, Elizabeth from Christian Aid telling us about the work she does and how important it is to be kind to our neighbours.


Year 2 spelling list