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Parent Forum

Freeland CE Primary School Parent Forum

At Freeland CE Primary School we value the importance of school community and ensuring that as a school, we work together to improve the education we provide for all our children. The Freeland Parent Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It is a valuable way to share ideas, views, concerns and make suggestions of ways we can improve what we are already doing.

The Aims of The Freeland Parent Forum

The forum exists for the benefit of all the children at Freeland CE Primary School. The improvement of pupils’ learning should be the Forum’s clear and consistent goal. The forum is not to be used to raise specific concerns regarding individuals or to raise complaints. These should be addressed by speaking to the class teacher or the Headteacher.

The key aims of The Freeland Parent Forum are:

• To work together to improve the education provided for all children attending Freeland CE Primary School.

• To share information, knowledge and skills.

• To meet in a mutually supportive environment.

• To continue to develop communication between parents/carers, staff and governors.

When will Freeland Parent Forum take place?

The Freeland Parent Forum will take place 3 times a year, once a term. Each meeting will take place at a different time of the day to allow as many parents as possible to participate. When needed, we may run additional meetings to allow us to gain parent’s views on specific initiatives or impart information to parents. Meetings will be approximately an hour long.

During the autumn term meetings will be held in the mornings, after school drop off. During the spring term, meetings will be held in the afternoons before school pick up. During the summer term, meetings will be held in the evenings at 6pm

Who can attend the Freeland Parent Forum?

All parents are welcome to attend meetings and governors will also be invited. Everyone is welcome to contribute. It gives parents/carers an opportunity to get together on a regular basis with other parents to discuss what the school is doing well and suggest ideas of how things could be improved. There will be opportunities to get advice and support to help your child/ children with their learning.

How will the meetings be structured?

Although these meetings are intended to be informal, an agenda will be provided so people who attend know what will be discussed and have time to think about these items before the meeting. School staff will have items they wish to gain parental views on but parents can also suggest agenda items they would like to discuss by emailing the office at least a week before the meeting.

The agenda will follow this format:

• Welcome and introduction by a member of school staff.

• Feedback on issues/action points from previous Forum meetings, as required.

• Information provided on a particular issue from a member of school staff.

• Opportunity for discussion in small groups around the area of focus.

• Feedback from parents and action points agreed if appropriate

Responsibilities of members of the forum.

By attending a meeting a parent is a member of the forum. Members do not have to attend every meeting.

All members agree to the following responsibilities:

• Everyone arrives on time.

• Everyone prepares for each session.

• We show respect for each other

• Discussions are general and are not related to an individual child.

• Keep the discussion focused.

• All members participate.

• Be positive, constructive and solution focused.

• Support and be guided by the Chair of the meeting

Outcomes of the Freeland Parent Forum

The Forum endeavours to provide parents with a better understanding of the way school works, how their children are taught and understand how policies and procedures have been developed. The Forum will also allow parents to contribute to the strategic direction of the school and share in the vision for the school.

Terms of Reference

Dates for Meetings 2022-23

Tuesday 20th September 2022 at 9.00am

Thursday 26th January 2023 at 2.15pm

Wednesday 14th June 2023 at 6.00pm

All meetings will take place in the school hall.

Summer Term 2023- 14th June 2023

The last meeting of this academic year will be an opportunity for parents to have some input to the home/school agreement. Staff and pupils have already been consulted and we would now like to ask parents for their ideas in creatin g a home/ school agreement that all parents, staff and children will sign each year to agree to helping each child reach their full potential .

We will also be asking parents to review the behaviour policy which is due for review soon. Staff will also input this as well as governors. We will ask pupils for their input too.

Spring Term 2023-25th January 2023

School events to support parents and Freeland School Society events were discussed and feedback given to help us develop those already on offer and add any new ideas.



Autumn Term 2022 - 20th September at 9am

Our topic for discussion at our autumn term Parent Forum was 'Communication'. Mrs McCarthy explained all of the ways we communicated with parents currently. Parents then had an opportunity to work in small groups to evaluate each of the methods outlined. The aim was to streamline the forms of communication to ensure it was simple yet effective. 

It was a very productive meeting and it was lovely to be able to work in partnership between school and parents to enable us to improve what we do further for the benefit of the children. Thanks you to all those parents who gave up their time to come. I hope next time we will see even more parents attending.

Agenda 14th June 2023

Agenda 14th June 2023

Agenda 20th September 2022

Communication Sept 2022

Minutes of Parent Forum Sept 20th 2022

Spring Term 2022 6th April at 2pm

The first Parent Forum took place in the school hall on 6th April. It was a great start to what we hope will be a productive way for parents and staff to work in partnership for the benefit of the children of Freeland School.

Mrs McCarthy presented the school's Behaviour Policy to parents and explained our approach, followed by an opportunity for parents to look at the school's rewards and sanctions and offer feedback on these. Please see the minutes and resources used in the meeting.

If you have suggestions for future discussions or areas of focus at parent Forum meetings please let either Mrs McCarthy or Mrs Zanre know by emailing, phoning or speaking to us in person.

Agenda 6th April 2022

Behaviour Policy and safeguarding Presentation

Response and Sanctions for behaviour not meeting our expectations

Reward survey and Sanctions questionnaire used at the meeting to gain feedback

Minutes 6th April 2022