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'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'


              Welcome to Robins      

       Foundation Stage


Term 4
It's Spring Term 2 already! Welcome back.  
On Friday we loved taking part in our whole school Science Day.  Lots of scientists came to visit the school.  We were able to join in different experiments, and found out lots of interesting facts.  Take a look at our pictures to see what we got up to.  If you want to know about DNA, sinking and floating,  healthy eating, bugs and very long number - you know who to ask!  Robins would like to say a very big thank you to Dr Linnell, Mrs Willis, Mrs Tacon (who we hope is making a speedy recovery),  and Mrs Nickelson for organising a brilliant day. 
On Shrove Tuesday we found out why this is an important day for Christians.  We talked about different foods that we enjoy eating, and it would be difficult not eating them during Lent.  Mrs Keeber also promised that she is going to be extra tidy!  The pancakes were delicious, especially with sugar and lemon on them!
Term 3
Welcome to 2020!  Spring Term 1 2020.
We have enjoyed getting out into the garden and the school field.  Of course, we have lots of fun, (you can tell by how dirty our clothes are at the end of the day!), but we are also learning important skills.   We are engineers - redesigning the climbing apparatus in the garden.  This involves a 'risk assessment' - how safe is our design?  All that jumping and lifting also improves our gross motor skills.  When it has been cold, we have investigated the ice.  We looked carefully at the trapped air bubbles and broke the ice up into smaller bits.  Some of it was very thick!  Lots of us can now throw and catch a hoop accurately.  We are learning to be resilient and not give up.
A big thank you to all our visitors this term.  
Our phonics party provided an opportunity to find out how phonics is taught in class.  There were lots of phonic games and activities to join in.  We hope everyone found it useful.  No party is complete without food!  We iced biscuits and then made the initial of our first name out of rainbow laces.  
On Internet Safety Day we talked about using the internet and being safe.
Have you ever played with cornflour and water?  Try it - it's great fun and you get very messy!!

Term 2

Please view the topic web and parent information for Term 2.  

Robins were very busy in December getting ready for Christmas.  In addition to rehearsing for our school nativity we made snowmen and salt dough decorations to sell at the school Christmas fayre.   A big 'thank you' to Mrs Zanre for being the 'mastermind' (and organiser) behind our creative project.    The fayre was a great success and we are so grateful for the School Society for paying for our trip to the Pegasus theater in Oxford.  The children's behaviour was examplary and we all enjoyed the show  - and the ride on the coach!
In December Archie's dad came to talk to us about being a policeman.  He explained how important it is to be kind and make sensible choices.  Robins had great fun dressing up! 

Watch out!

Who can resist paddling?  Unfortunately, some of us got wet socks.

Robins turn into ducklings!

On Friday 15th of November we came to school dressed as our favourite sportsperson.  We donated money and took part in Joe Wick's Big Morning Move.  Although it was Friday we had lots of energy!

Get Moving!

We enjoyed sharing books during Book Week

Pop, bang, whizz - take a look at our firework pictures!

It is amazing to think we have completed our first term!  With encouragement and support the children are learning to become resilient, and it is great to see the growing level of independence. 


We have been very busy - take a look at some of our learning activities.

Seaweed Art - thanks to Kingfishers and Golden Eagles for bringing us back seaweed from their residential trip.

Autumn Walk to the woods with Owls and Kingfishers

Our Visit to St Mary's - a big thank you to Reverend David for giving us our own personal tour!

Making (and eating!) bread rolls

Talking about how we feel - and making playdough faces

Maths activities - inside and out!

Being creative (and improving our fine motor skills!).


Welcome to Robins (Foundation Stage) class.  It's always exciting at the beginning of the year - the Robins have quickly 'settled!' and are making the most of their learning environment.  Thank you for allowing the children to be independent in the mornings.  Our learning 'theme' this term, is called, 'Me, Myself and I'.  We have loved looking through the, 'I am Special Books'.  Thank you for taking the time to complete them with your child over the holidays.


It has been a  busy start to the term.  Take a look at some of the activities we have been getting up to.  

We all had great fun during our 'Footy Kids' session on the field.  The children displayed great control, and absolutely loved playing 'Shark Attack'!  A big thank you to Miss Lamb for organising.    
We are fortunate to have the local woods on our door step.  We didn't see any wild boar (!), but some of us saw a deer.  The tree stump provided an excellent photo shoot, and the children took turns to use the iPad to take photos of each other.  No walk to the woods is complete without using the rope swing and having some time to explore.
We always enjoy using the activity trail and climbing frame on the school field.  We also have a 'friendly' kick around!
We have made the most of the beautiful weather, and have spent lots of time outside in the garden.  
We are always busy in the classroom, exploring the different learning opportunities on offer.  Have a look! 
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