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'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'

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'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'

Red Kites

Sketching Styles

What a fantastic year Year 3s. It has been a pleasure teaching you- I'm off to Year 1 OWLS with a treasure of memories I will never forget :)

A visit to Christ Church Cathedral and

the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

What a wonderful day we had today in Oxford; the sun was shining and we were blessed with so many wonderful compliments about our respectful behaviour, our knowledge and interesting questions that I'm brimming with pride as I write this report.

We began our day at Christ Church Cathedral, just as the bell 'Old Tom' rang out 10 o'clock. The children marvelled at the architecture and Ivaylo asked the first question of the day, ”who was the architect?” The fish pond in the centre of the ‘Quad’ was very exciting as it held lots of giant-sized carp which opened their big, soft mouths for food.

Then we walked up some stone steps into the dining hall- this was used to inspire the film set of the Harry Potter dining hall. We recognised portrait paintings of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I from our Tudor topic work last term; very exciting.

Inside the classroom, we learned a lot about the Cathedral, Saints, making a pilgrimage and the different parts of the church, then we all dressed up as monks (James was a knight pilgrim). We took a tour of the Cathedral where some of us dressed up as a Cardinal in fancy robes, whilst others marvelled at the ornate ceilings through binoculars. We visited the shrine of St. Frideswide but today, there wasn’t a monk peering out from a wooden chamber high above us. During our tour, each group found a quiet corner to write a prayer or wish for those less fortunate than ourselves. We hung our hopes on a prayer tree.

I was very proud as the Cathedral staff praised the children’s knowledge and interest in everything around them – this was ‘learning outside the classroom’ at its best and I’m sure that many of us have made lasting memories today.

After a warm walk through Christ Church Meadows, past the Bodleian Library and the Bridge of Sighs, we finally arrived at the Museum of Natural History. We all enjoyed a well-earned drink and heartily ate our lunch under the shade of a sycamore tree. Our visit to the Rocks and Fossil section of the museum was a quick tour but it has inspired us to find out more for our new science topic this term. We loved the skeletons, fossils, and different rock types, some of which we could handle- even a meteorite from space. Many of us wanted to stay longer and sketch a favourite exhibit. Maybe the children will get to visit again in the summer holidays!

On return, we lay down on the carpet with our water bottles and listened to a chapter of our class novel- tired but happy. Well done Year 3s it was a real pleasure to take you out today.

A huge thank you to Mrs Britton, Mrs Willis and Mr Crapper who joined us for the day; we always appreciate the enthusiasm and kind support of parents.

Mrs Tacon

Here are some of our photos.

If you didn't manage to attend our Class sharing assembly, here are our finished Tudor portraits inspired by our visit to the National Portrait Gallery.

Our whole-school science day provided the opportunity to experience the key principles of teaching and learning science- fostering curiosity and thinking like a scientist, practical and fun learning opportunities, promoting talk and deeper thinking, being scientific by expanding our knowledge of scientific language and being inspired by 'real' scientists.

An action-packed science day.

World Book Day

and our Tudor Houses

Well done Freeland- great costumes and amazing homework!

The Explorer Dome Forces Show!

The Explorer Dome has landed

at Freeland Primary School!

“Unforgettable, phenomenal, spectacular, delightful and fascinating”

At 9am this morning, Year 3 children excitedly walked to the hall, took off their shoes and carefully crawled into another world – the Explorer Dome!

These are some of the exciting things we have seen, heard and learned in our FORCES show. For many of us, the journey through space was the most terrific experience- “the darkness and the sound of the rocket taking off really made it feel like a real experience” said Macrina. Krista said, “I felt like I was alone in space- it was so dark”. “It felt like we were the first people to rocket into space”, said Josie. “When the stars on the ceiling of the dome spun, it felt like we were moving!” said Alesha; Huw felt space sick.

“It was fun to learn about push and pull forces with giant balloons. Ben let them go and there were lots of balloons whizzing through the air above our heads,” said Daniel.

We all liked the pictures that were projected onto the ceiling of the dome; we saw giant sea creatures like: sharks, dolphins, an octopus, a sea horse, a turtle and jelly fish.

When we were learning about how magnets attract tiny bits of iron, Charlie used the magnet to draw a portrait of Lilie. “When Ben put the tray over the projector light, it felt like the tray was getting huge and was going to crash on our heads, any minute,” Joss said excitedly.

  Charlie did an experiment with dry ice. We put some into a little pot with a lid, turned them upside down and waited for the force to shoot them up into the sky. “It was really cool because they went off with a really loud bang,” said Olivia. Mrs Tacon and Matthew nearly jumped out of their skins!

We discovered that Cole has magic powers! He was able to move a silver ball up and down the wall of the dome.  Not really, Charlie had secretly crawled out of the dome and was using a magnet on the outside to attract it! “For  10 seconds, I really thought I might have magical powers and I didn’t know it was a trick,” laughed Cole.

Another amazing experience at Freeland Primary-thank you Freeland School Society.


St. David's Day Celebration

A big thank you to Huw and his dad for baking the Welsh pancakes. It was lovely to hear about your family tradition Huw, and we really enjoyed sharing these after a busy week of assessments- a real treat! The daffodils reminded us that spring is on its way.

Picture 1
Picture 2

EPA Big Draw 2019

with Artist Dionne Freeman

Exploring the theme of ‘play’ through mark making.

Six children from each of our Academy schools met on Thursday 14th February at Brookes University Oxford to take part in an exciting workshop with artist Dionne Freeman.

Six children from Year 3 had an amazing time exploring mark making using soaked tea bags. The fun began with throwing the tea bags: high, low, a gentle drop, a hard throw, rolling, squishing…on to a large piece of white paper. This was great fun and even smelled lovely.

The second stage was to take large graphite pencils and natural charcoal sticks to outline or shade around the teabag patterns. Dionne loved the way Samuel spiralled his graphite stick to create ‘a whirlwind or tornado effect’. The children were encouraged not to make pictures at this stage but to enjoy playing with patterns, textures and effects. Bea and Samuel’s work began to look like the surface of the moon or space, Lilie and Florence’s work began to look like the ocean and seashore, Matthew’s work looked like rocks under the earth with rivers of flowing lava, and Frances’ work showed an amazing journey.

The third stage involved using oil pastels to fill in white spaces- again the children experimented by holding and using the pastel stick in different ways. Afterwards the children used long handled brushes to add ink. This was fun because adding water made the ink colour shoot across the surface- it was also great to splash and splatter!

The final stage was to join the pieces of work together using colour or pattern. Our final act of playfulness was to scrunch up our work and piece it back together to create a 3D presentation. The children explained their work to the other schools in a mini presentation at the end.

This collaboration was a fantastic opportunity for children and teachers to expand their knowledge and experiences of working playfully with different materials. I was very impressed with the creativity shown by our Freeland artists. Now we can share our knowledge with the rest of the school and showcase our work in the summer term. Thank you, it was a real pleasure taking you Year 3s.

Mrs Tacon

Our Globe Theatre and The National Portrait Gallery school trip

Key stage 2 had the most incredible day in London yesterday. Visiting The Globe Theatre was a fantastic opportunity we will never forget. The exhibition at the theatre had lots of exciting things to look at too, including musical instruments and costumes. 
Everyone enjoyed the walk in the sunshine along the Southbank, past Trafalgar Square to The National Portrait Gallery. What an amazing setting!

Year 3's really enjoyed looking closely at the Tudor portraits. We were particularly excited to see portraits of Mary I, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Edward VI as we are trying to create large collages of these monarchs back in school.

We all enjoyed this amazing opportunity to London. Thank you to Mrs McCarthy for organising, to the Freeland school society for putting money towards the trip and to our fantastic parents, Mrs Willis and Mr Wood for helping. 

Today's Science Challenge

'Which team can melt their tray of snow the quickest in the warm classroom?'

School Snow Day!

Toe- freezing day.

Outside on the school field:

snowball getting bigger and bigger till it's the biggest,

twiggy-haired snow woman and a

brown-eyed snow child and

a game of snowball- goal!

Ice-cold igloos, now patted flat.

Warm, cosy coat, and wooly hat 

plus some red, tingling fingertips.

Fun and excitement with our Year 3 snow palls.

Created by Lydia and Olivia

(with ideas shared from the class). 




Snow fun at Freeland Primary School.

Our New Fish Tank Has Arrived!

What an exciting week we've had. Our new 57L fish tank has arrived along with a bag full of equipment and goodies to investigate. We have been reading all the instructions and working out which bits go where, and why. This is a very exciting project that Class 3 children have undertaken for the next 8 weeks- we aim to be expert tropical fish keepers. A big thank you to Maidenhead Aquatics, the Fishkeeper Fry scheme- what an amazing opportunity.

Week 1

This week, we watched the first instructional tutorial on how to set up our fish tank, where to put it and what fish do and do not like. Ivaylo, Krista and Macrina cleaned the inside of the tank, washed the gravel and added it, placed the tank 'furniture' in (plastic plant and shells) and poured in the tap water. We have added the recommended amount of 'tap water softener' and we will test the water levels next week. Our week 2 team are ready and excited to receive our 'real' plants next week.

1. Setting up our fish tank

1. Setting up our fish tank 1
1. Setting up our fish tank 2
1. Setting up our fish tank 3

Week 2

We have become experts at testing our water levels this week. Our Fish Keeper Fry team have also planted our living plants into the aquarium environment- very exciting and wet!

Week 3 - Our first fish- Zebra Danios

Week 3 - Our first fish- Zebra Danios 1
Week 3 - Our first fish- Zebra Danios 2
Well done Team 3, this week you have learned how to test and adjust the water levels in time for our new fish. Now we have to make sure we feed them regularly and give them enough food, not too much.

Week 4- the Red Wagtail Platies have arrived!

Well done Team 4- you have cleaned the filter, tested the water levels and added our new fish to the tank. They've all had a good feed and can now make friends over the weekend. We do have four female Platies and one male, so maybe we'll have little Platies soon!

Week 5

The Harlequin Rasbora have arrived! In the wild they come from Singapore. Well done fish keeper team, we needed to do some cleaning of the tank this week.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 6- our final week!

The Honey Gourami have arrived and we have a baby Plattie! This was our final week following the Fishkeeper Fry scheme. It's now over to us to keep the fish happy and their habitat clean. We've had an amazing learning journey and some of us are now fish keeping at home.

Picture 1
Picture 2


Welcome back Year 3's, our new Topic this spring term is "The Tudors". Please read the 'topic overview' to find out more about the exciting learning planned.

Christmas- a time to be creative in our learning!

Amazing team work Year 3s. You created impressive collages to depict the parts of our chosen Christmas story from the Far East 'The Littlest camel'. I was really proud of you in church when you shared your work, retold the story and acted the parts in full costume. Well done Daniel for stepping in at the last minute to shine the torch through the collage and illuminate the star in every scene.

Our Christmas card workshop this year was 'weaving'. It was great to see such careful work whilst listening to your lovely carol singing. Many of you helped each other with the tricky parts so well done for using the 5Bs.

A very happy Christmas to you all.

From Mrs Tacon

Year 3 go to the Pantomime- Dick Whittington! 

Our favourite parts:

Raphael, "I liked the cat because he was great at doing acrobatics; the pirate was great too because he could do the floss!"

 Daniel, Olivia, Ariella, Macrina, Matthew, Daisy, Josie, Cole, Tyler, Lillie, Matilda, Ivaylo, Samuel, Lydia and Huw all liked the Rat King the best because "we could boo him as loud as we could and he didn't even mind."

We all laughed when Alice hit Dick on the head with a giant frying pan and the brilliant pirate belch from 'Boom' which made people fall over on the stage.

Mrs Tacon laughed out loud at the Pantomime Dame and his posh frocks and jokes- what a fun morning out- oh yes it was!

A big thank you to the Freeland School Society for giving us all such a brilliant experience!

The Romans have invaded!

This term, the Year 3 children crafted excellent Roman soldier marching rhymes and we finished off the topic with amazing marching and chanting. The children learned simple Latin phrases like dexter and sinister (for right and left) redi (about turn) and parati (get ready) and we even practised the Testudo! Well done Year 3s, let's not forget to mention the amazing symmetrical designs on your shields which were beautifully painted.

Silentium, parati, percute!

Science this term- Animals and Humans

We have been learning about our  bodies this term; names of bones and the functions of our skeleton. We had fun thinking about what would happen if we had no skeleton! Some of our ideas were: we would be a blob like jelly and our heart would have nothing to protect it; we wouldn't be able to stand up, but we could slide under doors like Flat Stanley. Some of us compared the skeleton of a frog to a human and worked out how long our legs and feet would be if our skeletons were the same proportions- we'd have very big feet!

We all investigated how muscles help us move and how some work in antagonistic pairs and we made models to explore this concept. Next term we're going to investigate nutrition and find out what the ultimate meal is and compare it to a Tudor meal- were they healthy eaters? W'ell find out.

Team challenge

Author Visit-Friday 30th November 2018
This afternoon, Adam and Charlotte Guillain came to our school to share their books about George and Molly's adventures. Ivaylo enjoyed learning about how Charlotte used to write and make her own stories when she was younger. lots of us are going home tonight to make our own stories and draw our own pictures; we might even try making some pop-up flaps too. Lydia particularly enjoyed the presentation when Adam and Charlotte did some acting, "it really brought the story to life" said Olivia "it made us all laugh!" Daniel loved the big George puppet, "it moved like it was alive" said Matthew. "We liked the bit when Adam turned into the fairy because he put wings on and started running around" said Josie "he changed his voice when he told the story it was great!" We all liked the storytelling props, "especially Trixie" said Raphael. We loved joining in with the songs at the end, "it made us feel really happy" Daisy and Tyler. Thank you so much Adam and Charlotte.

Adam & Charlotte Guillain share George and Molly's adventures

The Corinium Museum in Cirencester

Our first trip of the year- well done Year 3s we had a great day out. Our museum workshop was great fun. The children got to dress up in itchy wool tunics and capes, they attempted the archaeologist's broken pottery puzzle, discovered what Romans did and didn't eat, made mosaic patterns with magnetic tiles and played Roman games like Tali and Knucklebones.

After lunch, we explored the museum and spotted animals made in a large floor mosaic. It must have taken ages to make so we decided only rich Romans could afford such an amazing mosaic like that one! Then we explored further and found an artefact that we were interested in - then we sketched it and tried to show light and dark tones and texture with our pencils; Olivia found a comb with an owl carved on it.The coach trip home was a very quiet one with a few passengers resting their eyes!

Finally, a big thank you to the parents who gave their time and enthusiasm to support us on this trip; very much appreciated. Enjoy some of our photos below.

Harvest Festival in Year 3

To inspire our poetry writing for the Harvest Festival Service this year, Year 3's have been sketching apples and eating apple pies. Here is our poem we wrote and shared:

Apple Pies

Mouth-watering pastry;

a crispy blanket for my mouth.

Sweet smell like strawberries

and sugary on my tongue.

Inside, a squidgy, soft, sloppy filling

with a taste that tingles autumn on my tongue.

Sparkling, sugar coating

just like Kissing autumn;

Yum- heavenly.

Building a Celtic Roundhouse
Year 3 children have begun their topic learning by finding out what it was like in Britain before the Romans invaded. The class has worked really well together to make a traditionally built roundhouse model- well almost, we have used clay instead of animal dung in our 'daub' mixture! Enjoy our pictures below, which show us weaving willow around hazel posts to make 'wattle' walls - the roof will need to be tackled after half term.

Well done all Year 3s!

I have been so impressed by how the children have transitioned to the Juniors. They can efficiently organise themselves in the morning and promptly get started with their early morning learning. It has been great to teach such enthusiastic children!


A few quick reminders for parents and pupils: please could you remember to bring in outside shoes on a Monday morning. This will be very important in the coming weeks as the weather changes and the school field becomes muddier. PE kits also need to be brought in on a Monday, which should include t-shirt, shorts, jogging bottoms and sweatshirt. Reading books and reading diaries should be brought to school every day, plus a water bottle. Final reminder, Year 3 children swim in the autumn terms on Monday afternoon. The Windrush Leisure Centre insists that all children wear swimming hats for every lesson.

Shortly, a letter will be sent to you about our exciting topic trip to the Corinium Museum at Cirencester. I have attached a pamphlet from the museum for your information.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our 'Meet the Teacher' evening on the 27th September and will be available to answer any questions you may have about Year 3.

Mrs Tacon


Welcome to Year 3!

Our topic this term is The Romans in Britain; take a look at the topic web below if you want to know more. 



Calling All Heroes- The Romans in Britain

Year 3/4 Sharing Assembly - The retelling of the Iron Man

Let us entertain you!

In our class sharing assembly,Year 3/4 children delivered a great performance of The Iron Man, originally written by Ted Hughes.  In English lessons, they worked collaboratively to turn the story into a play script, making sure they added creative stage directions. Iron man menus and newspaper report extracts were also incorporated to showcase their hard work. Adding humour, great singing, music and great props completed the performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Well done everyone, you made us all proud!


Big Draw this year is entitled 'Living Lines in Nature'. This week, our 'expert'  pupil team of artists helped lead a Year 3/4 and Year 4/5 drawing and clay modelling art day. They taught children how to make continuous line observational drawings, and pinch pots from clay that were joined to make amazing pod-like sculptures. The children's work has now been delivered to the Bartholomew School for firing.  Well done everyone, it was a great opportunity embraced by all!

The Iron Man- by Ted Hughes

Our class novel this term is The Iron Man. So far we've read the first three chapters together and used drama to explore how different characters have felt; for example, Dougie and Brodie were really able to empathise with the farmers when their tractors were eaten! We have also begun to write a play script based on the novel, which we plan to share with you in our Class sharing assembly. This week, we've created a special menu to entice the Iron Man, and next week we're going to write newspaper reports! In maths, we've explored 3D shapes and their nets and designed our own version of the Iron Man. Take a look at some of our 3D models using maths equipment. Our final  junk models, made in D&T lessons, will soon be live for you to enjoy.

Can you spot the Dodecahedron?

Summer is here at last! When we've worked really hard, Golden Time in the sunshine is just perfect!

Our summer Term topic is INVENTIONS.

Homework 16th March 2018

Take One Picture topic.

Year 3/4 have enjoyed looking closely at paintings in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford. In one painting, we learned about a journey and role played a character from the painting. Then, we chose a favourite painting and sketched part of it.  We spent some time looking at the works of Pissaro because we have been recreating scenes at school using the pointillism technique. It was great to see a famous artist's work to aspire to. We even had time to look at the Ancient Egyptian exhibition- what a great day out!

Ashmolean Museum Oxford.

ART- Drawing with charcoal and chalk

We have been developing our drawing skills by thinking about dark, medium and light tones. Look at our fantastic sketches of coal miners on our English working wall and our growing vocabulary list!

Picture 1

Science- How are shadows made?

We have been testing different materials to work out how to make great shadows. We were asked to create a shadow linked to our class book 'Town Is by The Sea'. We considered what a Cape Breton coal miner might think about whilst working underground all day. Can you guess? 

EPA Text-based project launch day.

On Monday 8th January, our classroom looked very different. We began the day by exploring a new environment linked to our new picture book called 'Town Is By the Sea'. We thought we were off to the seaside, but we ended up crawling through dark tunnels instead! Take a look at some pictures of our special day.

Our experiences today helped us to imagine what it might be like working underground.

Happy New Year! Our new Topic is called 'Take One Picture'.

Africa Topic Work.

If you didn't manage to get into our classroom this afternoon or visit our display of work in the hall, here are some amazing photos that show the children's learning this term. Enjoy! 

We proudly present our Africa topic work.

Anti-bullying Week- Mr Jeffries asked us to create posters for a school competition.Some of us chose to create a freeze-frame drama scenario for our poster.

This poster generated lots of discussion in our class. Children were asked to explain their ideas: who is making bad choices? Who has made bad choices in the past? Who is acting responsibly? What could happen next?

A great day out at Cotswold Wildlife Park.


I hope you had a fantastic summer and are ready to start a new school year. Our new topic for the autumn term is AFRICA. This is a whole-school topic and we will be showcasing our work in December; keep a look-out for the date! Enjoy perusing our Class topic web to find out about all our exciting learning planned for this term.

Mrs Tacon

Class Teacher

Year Book Favourites

Busy Summer Term!

Busy Summer Term

Show and tell at its best!

We enjoyed Grace's interesting talk on puppy raising. She shared lots of facts and photographs and we all got a special cuddle too!

Working in the Community

Year 3/4 children worked hard with Rev. David Tyler to clean the church in time for the 'Flower Festival'. 

Open Afternoon 

Both children and parents worked together to create paper tissue flowers on open afternoon. The children then collaged their work to create an amazing image of an eye. This was linked to one of Jesus' miracles (John 9- Jesus heals a man born blind).

New Topic- In to the Woods

This summer term, our topic is 'Into the Woods'. We've already had a great time in the local woodlands and gathered materials for our class interest display and art work. We have made bark rubbings from lots of different trees and compared the patterns. We have made our own environmental art pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy too. We are going to be researching trees from different countries and making creative presentations to our peers. Our stories this term are all going to be about wolves. Leonard and Ben H have already found out why wolves howl- we like the fact that they just howl because they're happy!

Look out for more work from Year 3/4 wolf pack soon.

Our new Topic is 'In to the Woods'.

Africa Day

Summer Term 5

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, our new summer term topic is the Circus!

We've already had great fun with the circus skills equipment and gathered data for our data handling maths project. I'm sure it's going to be an action-packed fun topic!

Please find below our Class topic web for your information. 

Circus skills performance

Freeland Chicks are hatched!

Native American Indian Topic work

An exciting Year 3/4 visit to an Oxford University telescope facility.

Visit recount by Ben Hills

Year 3/4 explore the British value 'Individual Liberty'.

After reading a Native American Indian story called 'The Rainbow Crow', we were inspired to make 3D sculptures of birds for our 'British Values' Art Exhibition.

Welcome to Year 3/4!

Happy New Year everyone- 2017!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas holiday break. For your information, I have attached the new topic web- The Americas. The children have begun this new topic with great enthusiasm and I am really looking forward to teaching them.

Now that we have finished our autumn term swimming lessons, we'll be keeping fit by exploring dance (linked to our topic work) with Miss Walton from Bartholomew School. As PE will be on Monday and Wednesday this term, please can you ensure that all indoor and outdoor kit is in school on Monday. If you have purchased new kit, please can you clearly name all garments. 

Exploring magnetic forces in science

Special Visitors

A very big thank you to Jayden's grandparents who came in on Friday 11th November to talk to the Class about being a WW2 evacuee, and wartime rationing. The children listened with respect and were very keen to ask questions previously prepared. Max said, 'We listened to the sound of the doodlebug bomb on Granddad's iPad- it helped us try to imagine what it might have been like in the London Blitz.'


Christmas Play rehearsals

I hope you all received my letter with details of your child's costume for the Christmas play this year 'Children of the World'. Costumes need to be in school on Wednesday 30th November in a clearly labelled bag please. It would be really helpful if you could encourage and support your child to learn their lines as soon as possible.  We are really excited about our play this year and look forward to the performances on the 6th and 7th of December!



Gas Mask Display

Welcome to our class information page. Well done to all the children for coming into class with speed and efficiency - they are all sat down, organised and working within 4 minutes!


Our topic of WW2 Britain is progressing well and the children have just published their first text about gas masks - wonderful work! We are now exploring diary writing in English and addition and subtraction in mathematics. 


Our class reading book has been The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes and we are now enjoying other picture books linked to our topic theme.


I look forward to seeing parents at our ‘meet the teacher evening’ and will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about life in Class 3.


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