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Aspiring and achieving together

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

Aspiring and achieving together

Prayer Shack

The Prayer Shack was opened by Janet Faulkner (governor) in October 2018.  It has been created as a place for the children to have quiet time for thought and reflection.  The 'Shack' (named by the children) is open at key times throughout the year based around a theme.  Reverend Sue has worked with the worship team to plan activities for the children to lead with the rest of the school.  We thank Mr and Mrs Molden, Reverend Sue and Janet for the work they have done to make this vision a reality for the children.  

Deanery Chapter Visit FPS March 2019

Lent Prayer Shack 2019

Remembrance Day - November 2018

Remembrance Day - November 2018 1
Remembrance Day - November 2018 2
Remembrance Day - November 2018 3

Harvest Prayer Shack - October 2018

Harvest Prayer Shack - October 2018 1
Harvest Prayer Shack - October 2018 2
Harvest Prayer Shack - October 2018 3

Prayer Shack Grand Opening

Prayer Shack Grand Opening 1
Prayer Shack Grand Opening 2
Prayer Shack Grand Opening 3