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Spirituality at Freeland Primary

At Freeland CE Primary School, our school vision drives the curriculum and experiences we offer. We want all children and adults within our community to flourish, and we feel passionately about a broad curriculum which develops the whole child. We have explored as a community what spirituality means to us and how spiritual development is important in preparing children for later life, so they can be happy and fulfilled, to become responsible citizens.

The school community have created a picture which acts as a metaphor for spirituality, so we can talk about it and understand it's importance. The Parable of the Mustard Tree underpins our school vision, and we have used this in our picture to explain spirituality. Well done to Leon in Y6 who won our school colouring competition to colour our school picture and bring it to life. We have also created a school definition. 

We provide many opportunities for spiritual development, including BeSpace, our Prayer Shack, Spacemakers, opportunities for reflection and moments of awe and wonder. 

Our Prayer Shack opens every half-term for 3 days, so children can come and spend time reflecting and thinking in a quiet space.