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Religious Education

Why do we teach RE at Freeland Primary School?

At Freeland CE Primary School we provide an exciting RE curriculum using a combination of RE Discovery and The Oxford Diocese Scheme.  This ensures that all our children in mixed year groups are following a progressive and spiraling programme of learning.  We want children to understand that as responsible citizens we have choices and consequences not only in school, but also as citizens of the wider world.  In addition to learning about world religions and non-beliefs, we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to develop spiritually.  We want our children to have a sense of awe and wonder.  We are fortunate to live in an area of rural beauty.  We aim for our children to develop an appreciation of nature, feel gratitude and awareness of being part of this community and the wider world.

How do we teach RE at Freeland Primary School?

RE is an important part of our curriculum.  We use a variety of methods to bring the learning alive, for example: drama, art, debates. Visits to places of worship are mapped out on our Long Term RE plan eg Hindu Mandir, Sikh Gurdwara, Christ Church Cathedral.  This ensures that all children are given the opportunity to understand and explore other beliefs.

What is the impact of our teaching?

In addition to our RE learning, our children and staff take part in interactive assemblies.   Through our creative curriculum, children learn that RE provides an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the school community and promote positive images of people in the wider community, including their beliefs, traditions, culture, language and history.   Assessment is formative and children's understanding is gauged throughout every lesson, through low stakes testing, careful questioning by adults and regular feedback. Every lesson begins with a review of the children's previous learning so they remember more.

R.E Curriculum