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Owls and Woodpeckers

Welcome to Owls and Woodpeckers with Miss Parsons 2023-24!

Here is our topic web for the Summer term:

Great Fire of London Workshop

The children had the opportunity to take part in a Great Fire of London workshop this term. It developed the children’s speaking and listening skills, allowed them to work creatively in a team and explore the event through role play and movement. It was fantastic to see the children open up about their thoughts and feelings, and allowed them to tap into their imagination. The workshop built upon what we have been learning in class and supported the children in answering some of our key concept questions. The children had a fantastic time!

Here is our topic web for the Spring term:


The children enjoyed taking part in Bespace prayer activities this term set up in St Mary’s Church. There were several creative prayer and reflection stations that were themed around the Lord's prayer. 


Science fun!

We have been looking at animals and humans this term in science. We have explored the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival and how to be a healthy human. We carried out a simple investigation to see whether different forms of exercise increased our heart rates. We also looked at what it means to have a balanced diet and sorted and grouped different foods based on a range of categories. We enjoyed tasting foods from their different food groups - surprisingly, chocolate was the favourite! I was very impressed with the children's attitude to trying new foods.



Here is our topic web for the Autumn term:

Learning so far...

Forest School


You may find this PowerPoint about how we teach phonics at Freeland useful