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Mental Health and Well-Being

At Freeland CE Primary School our aim is to care for and develop the whole child educationally, emotionally, spiritually, morally and physically. As well as caring for their education we also care for their mental health and wellbeing and feel that it is essential to provide children with information to enable them to make life long, well informed decisions about their diet and health. We also work closely to support parents when their or their children’s well-being is causing concern. 

How we support children’s emotional well-being and mental health

  • The staff and governors at Freeland CE Primary School are committed in creating a happy, caring and supportive environment for the children to thrive in and do their best both academically, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is a central to the curriculum across the whole school.  We use the Jigsaw scheme to help assists pupils to cope with the changes at puberty, introduces them to a wider world, manage transitions and enables them to make an active contribution to their communities.  The concepts covered in PSHE include identity, managing feelings and emotions, relationships, change, resilience and being healthy, which includes physical, emotional and social well-being. 
  • When children are experiencing bereavement, anxiety and any other life experiences that may affect their emotional well-being they are identified and supported by a fully trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) who will offer regular 1:1 or small group nurture support.
  • As well as ELSA support staff our experienced in providing additional emotional or social support so that the children continue to thrive eg our two guinea pigs provide a calming outlet for children to comfort them in times of need. 
  • To support children’s social and emotional development, and their well-being we offer an extensive range of after-school clubs.
  • We monitor the wellbeing of all of our children but in particular our disadvantaged and vulnerable children.

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