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Golden Eagles

Welcome to Golden Eagles 2023-2024 with Miss Kelly! 

Here you will find out what the children have been learning about in class. 

This term our topic is 'We are the Champions' and we will be studying the Ancient Greeks.

Topic Web 

Science - Electricity!

In Science this term we have been learning all about electricity. We have practised drawing scientific diagrams of circuits accurately using the correct symbols. Last week, we investigated how the number of cells affects the brightness of the bulb in the circuit. This week, we investigated how the number of components in the circuit changed the volume/speed of a motor or buzzer. The children have demonstrated their scientific skills, showing they can think critically to ensure their test is fair, accurate and reliable.

Sea City Museum, Southampton

We had a fantastic day on our school trip to the Sea City Museum in Southampton to learn more about the Titanic. We started the day with a discovery session where we learnt about individual people on the Titanic, how the design of the ‘unsinkable’ ship was flawed, life aboard the Titanic and who was to blame for the disaster. Following this, we had a workshop where the children participated in various activities. The children investigated the design of the ship, identified first-hand artefacts from the Titanic, matched various smells to different parts of the ship and debated who should have had a place in the lifeboat. After lunch, we had the opportunity to explore the Titanic exhibition where the children navigated the interacted model o f the ship and had the chance to work in the engine room.

Design and Technology 

This term in Design and Technology we have been designing and creating a stuffed toy. The children have been learning and practising blanket stitch which was used to make their stuffed toys. We also used appliqué to attach pieces of fabric for decoration. The children enjoyed the opportunity to use their creativity and should be really proud of their completed stuffed toys.

Kilvrough Day 4

Group A Climbing 

Group B Climbing

Kilvrough Day 3 

We have had a fantastic day caving. The children took on all challenges with a positive ‘can do’ attitude. They successfully squeezed through the letterbox, the wormhole and some even went down the toilet! There are some great photographs of the children in the cave which will be sent to us at the end of the week. This evening we enjoyed den building in the dark, followed by hot chocolate and birthday cake. Tomorrow we are looking forward to a day of climbing and abseiling.

Caving Group A

Caving Group B

IPad Photos Day 3

Kilvrough Day 2

The children (and staff) all had an excellent night's sleep. For breakfast, we all enjoyed a bacon roll which set us up for an exciting day. Today we went to Caswell Bay bodyboarding. The children had a fantastic day in the sea and learnt all about water safety when at the beach. We were extremely lucky with the weather and I was impressed with the children’s enthusiasm, organisation and resilience when it got a bit cold. After a delicious spaghetti bolognaise and apple crumble to warm us up, we headed out on a night walk to Pennard Castle, which overlooks Three Cliffs Bay. Despite the muddy, cold and dark conditions, we had a great time. All of the children are in bed and looking forward to a day of caving tomorrow! 

Group A and B Bodyboarding

IPad Photos Day 2

Kilvrough Day 1

We have arrived safely at Kilvrough Manor. All of the children have settled into their rooms and have successfully made their beds. After lunch, we took part in some team building activities. Once the children realised they had to listen to each other and work together to achieve their goal, they worked really well. For dinner, we had fish and chips followed by jelly and ice cream. This evening, we did orienteering around the grounds of the manor which was lots of fun in the dark and rain. All of the children are happy and are very much looking forward to body boarding tomorrow in the sea! I will post a daily update on our class page so you can see what we have been getting up to each day. 

Group B Team Building Activities 

IPad Photos Day 1 

Science - Animals including Humans 

In Science topic of ‘Animals including Humans’ we have been looking at the heart and circulatory system. To enhance the children’s understanding of the circulatory system we went outside on the playground to model it. The children represented the blood and used red and blue card to indicate whether they were oxygenated or deoxygenated as they travelled around the circulatory system.

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