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'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'


On Wednesday and Thursday last week we were delighted to welcome Rev Sue Spankie to lead our Lent ‘Prayer Space’ activities.  Rev Sue had talked to the children in Collective Worship about Lent and its significance for Christians.  The activities were organised by Rev Sue and led by an ‘army’ of volunteers from the community.  Each activity had a theme, such as ‘Turning over a new leaf’; ‘When it is hard to do the right thing’; and ‘God’s love – shaping our hearts’.  The Prayer Space was at lunch time, and therefore voluntary for the children to attend.   However, we were packed out at times!  It was wonderful to see so many children (from all the classes) attend and take part.  We would like to thank Rev Sue for her hard work and organising the event, and to our friends? in the community that willingly gave up their time to lead the activities.  Also – a very big thank you to Mrs Watson (Jack’s mummy, Class 1) who kindly made and donated the huge batch of playdough.  This was one of the most popular activities, where the children were asked to make a heart with the dough, and

“Think of something that you can say or do to show that you love someone”.

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