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Aspiring and achieving together

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

Aspiring and achieving together

Kilvrough 2017

Night walk photos - can you see what is happening to the estuary?

Team building photos from Monday part 2

Team building photos from Monday part 1

4R award - Reciprocity

Isla H, Logan, Amelia M, Millie, Roel, Izzy and Ruby for helping each other and showing great bravery on our mission across the jagged rocks!

Group C coastal walk report

Today we set off on the mini-bus to go on our coastal walk at worm's head; a small island on the south-west of Wales.  We started off by climbing over many different rocks covered with lots of barnacles.  Our leader (Alex) called them cheese graters because they are so sharp.  Soon after, we had our lunch whilst watching seals swimming about in the sea; it was one of the most brilliant sights we had ever seen!  

After hopping over the solid rocks we were at the tops of worm's head.  The view was beautiful as we stared across the vast rock pools.  We caught many crabs and starfish before heading back before the tide came up to cut us off!  We trekked back to our mini-bus and set off on the short journey home.  It was a hugely exciting but tiring day.

By Arthur, Daniel and Lenny on behalf of Group C

4R award update

Tuesday - Resilience

Ila, Beth and Poppy for tackling the waves again and again and again!


Wednesday - Reciprocity

Sam, Jessica, Abbie, Emilia P, Phoebe for excellent teamwork in rock climbing.

Wednesday report Group B

Today we went abseiling and climbing. We felt nervous and happy because we didn’t know if we would hurt our heads and fall back! It was all ok though and fun when we got into it. We were really happy because we had never done it before and wanted to try it. We showed resilience because when we couldn’t get up the cliff we kept trying! We also showed reciprocity by encouraging and helping each other.

We stopped for a well-deserved lunch – we were starving and it was yummy! After that we went rock climbing where we really had to show our team work skills. In teams of 4, one person was climbing, another was in charge of safety doing the belaying and 2 people feeding the belay and spotting for the climber. We had each other’s lives in our hands!

We could see the rain approach on the horizon and we packed up without getting too wet.

This evening was very wet so we were mostly inside doing team activities like removing the nuclear rods safely without getting blown up!

By Chloe, Jessica and Abbie on behalf of Group B

Group A surfing

Tuesday update from Group A

Today was awesome!  Around 10.30 we left for the beach and after 20 minutes on the minibus, we arrived.  Group B and C started on the body boards whilst we went on the surfboards.  It was tricky to start with but then it got easier and some even stood up - what a feeling!

We then enjoyed body boarding and some of us even reached the shore.  Ed, our instructor, gave us some good advice and a big push!  The sensation of the waves as we glided to the shore, made us feel at one with the sea.

This evening we went on a night walk.  With torch in hand, we intrepidly ventured into the dense, shadowy woods.  Emerging from the woodlands, a castle was in sight, silhouetted by the fading pink sunset.  Once in the ruined castle, we were in awe of the 'most splendid view I had ever seen' (as Leonard beautifully exclaimed)

We sat in silence for 5 minutes and listened to the waves crash below us as birds sang their final tune of the day and bats circled overhead.

We shared some biscuits before walking back by torchlight.

By Izzy, Lara, Olivia and Ruby on behalf of Group A



Good evening!

We are all tucked up in bed with our teddies and have settled down well after an eventful evening.

In the afternoon, we had team building activities and discovered that the mystic art of communication involves not only talking (shouting!) but listening too. surprise   

After dinner we had a 'nose to the ground competition' where we had to explore the grounds to find answers to the cryptic clues.  We counted down the minutes to sunset when we could use our torches and were overcome with excitement when it actually got dark!  Cody, Hamish, Sam, Lenny and Arthur are the winners of the 4R competition by answering the most questions in the allotted time.  They were a blur darting around the grounds with torches like fireflies in a cave!  A big well done to them!

Check back tomorrow to see what we have been up to on our first full day of activities!

Good night smiley