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'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

'Great things come from small beginnings: 'Branch out, Fly High'

Golden Eagles

Home Learning Menu for Y6 not attending School.

Self Portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo

Hello Golden Eagles

I hope you had a relaxing weekend. This week is Art Week and we thought as the last week before the half term holiday you might enjoy having art week at home. Each class is looking at an  artist and our focus is Frida Kahlo- a Mexican artist. We will find out about her life and what Mexico is like today as well as some lovely art activities based on her work. Be as creative as you like and if you have some other work which has been inspired by Frida Kahlo's send it to me as I always love seeing what you have been up to and will give out some dojos too!

Have a great week and keep working hard.


Home Learning Menu 18th May

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine. Well done on last weeks work. Some more great examples of independence and self motivation going on at home, which shows how ready for secondary school many of you are. This week I would like everyone to complete the writing activity and email it me. Remember, to try the tricky things first and then do the things you find easier each day. 

This week we are moving on to looking at a different part of the World-South America. Our reading will be focused on the Rainforest. We will also be building on the geography work we started just before school closed and learn about biomes, particularly in South America. Have a great week: work hard and play hard.

Mrs McCarthy 

Home Learning Menu 11th May

Topic lesson

Still image for this video
Follow the lesson on the video and complete the activity described at the end. It is important that you watch the whole lesson as it recaps on some previous learning which is important in understanding the concept of The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and biomes.

This week marks VE Day and we have a Bank Holiday on Friday to mark 75 Years since VE or Victory in Europe Day. Read the information below to find out more about what VE Day is and an activity we are doing as a school to mark this important occasion.


We are starting Week 5 of Home Learning and you have impressed me so much already with your determination to keep learning despite not being able to come to school. Keep going this week and encourage one another. I know you can produce some more fabulous work.

Home Learning Menu 4th May

Fabulous work from this week 27th April- 1st May

Have a look at some of the fantastic work that Golden Eagles have been doing this week. 

Home Learning 27th April 2020

I have seen some more great work this week-well done!

If you haven't emailed me some work, please do. I can only award dojos if I have seen the fantastic work you are doing. 

We will carry on looking at Japan this week and the geography of the country as well as the culture. Have a look at Anson's amazing tutorial about how to make sushi. Maybe it will inspire you to have a go.

How to Make Sushi by Anson

Home Learning menu 27th April

Writing-use the word mat to help you with selecting persuasive vocabulary in your letter. There is also a reminder of modal verbs for obligation to help you.

Home Learning week beginning 20th April.

I hope you all had a relaxing Easter break and enjoyed some time in the garden in the sunshine. 

Our new topic this term was going to be "We are the Champions" and focus on the Olympic Games. However, this year due to Covid 19 the Olympics have been postponed until next year. We have therefore decided that our topic will be "Around the World" and we will find out about lots of other countries: the physical geography and  the culture.

The Olympics were due to take place in Japan in the summer so we will begin looking at this fascinating country. You can learn a bit of Japanese too! I have put some greetings in the resources which you could practice using with your family. We are going to read a book called 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo and find out about the geography of Japan this week. Have a go at making some Japanese flag bunting. I hope you enjoy this weeks work. In science we are starting to look at the heart and circulatory system. 

I am really looking forward to giving out some Dojo's for some more excellent work and great effort. I will be doing a celebration assembly to show off some of your work and some from other classes, where children have really tried hard.

You did a fabulous job at the end of last term so keep emailing me your wonderful work and ask any questions you may have.

Have a good week

Mrs McCarthy

Home Learning Menu 20th April

Writing-use the information from the resources below and from your own research to make a fact file about Japan. Either use the template below or use a whole page in your work book.

Geography- watch the film clips and answer the questions and draw a map of Japan. There are some other optional activities as well if you would like to try them.

You have all done a brilliant job with ‘Home Learning’ for 2 weeks now. I hope you all have a good break over the Easter holiday and there will be more tasks on here ready for you to try after the holiday. Below I have added some of the great work I have seen already. 

Please look out for an email about Class Dojo which is a reward system we are going to introduce during their time of home learning. It allows me to email a reward to you for good work and effort. You will need to respond to the email for me to be connected to you and so I can give out dojo’s. 

I will also be doing a celebration assembly after the holiday and sharing some of the fantastic work from across the school.

After Easter I am also hoping to organise some get togethers in small groups where you can let me know how you are all and ask any questions you may have. We will use Google Hangouts for this and I will schedule a time for you all in small groups. It will be so nice to see your faces again. 


Some of the fabulous work from the last 2 weeks.

Week Beginning 30/3/2020

Well done- you are doing so well and I am feeling very proud of how you are all using your 4R's to carry on with your learning at home. 

Below is the work for week beginning 30th March. Try to get into a routine so you have some structure to your week. This will help you to stay focussed and also allow you to plan breaks or times where you may do some art and craft or PE or just relax and read a book or play a board game. 

I hope you are all well and your families too. Don't forget you can email me on if you want to ask any questions or show me some of your fantastic work.  

Keep going- you are doing a great job!

Mrs McCarthy

If you haven't been able to get hold of a copy of The Frozen Sea which we were reading in class you may enjoy listening to Piers Torday reading his books aloud each weekday via his Youtube channel. He is currently reading The Last Wild and is up to chapter 6. You can catch up on the first 5 chapters by copying and pasting the link below into your browser.

Every day Piers will read at 2.30pm. Hope you enjoy it.




Freeland Staff Where’s Wally?
We have made a staff ‘Where’s Wally?’ The link below will take you to our school twitter (@FreelandSchool) where you will find the picture! Can you find Wally and all 16 Freeland school staff?! Let us know If you’ve had a go!

Home Learning week beginning 30/03/2020

Week beginning 23/03/2020

Thank you for all your lovely emails with your best pieces of work attached. It is good to see so many of you so self-motivated and carrying on your learning despite the difficult circumstances. 

I hope everyone is staying well. It has been a very strange week so far and I am missing you all. Hope we can all be back together again soon. Keep up the good work!

Mrs McCarthy

Please see the grid outlining the work for this week. You should do maths, spelling, reading and another subject every day, as well as some exercise-either go for a walk or do the exercise routine. Don't forget to take a photo of one piece of work which you are particularly proud of and email it to:

I am looking forward hearing how you are all getting on.

Mrs McCarthy

Work for week beginning 23/03/2020