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Aspiring and achieving together

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

Aspiring and achieving together

Year 5/6

Open Afternoon in Year 6

After SATs fun and games - we did it!!

Homework set on 16th March and due in for 21st March

The prize for winning Mrs Gilbert's fractions quiz question! The cake was shared...equally of course!

The prize for winning Mrs Gilbert's fractions quiz question! The cake was shared...equally of course! 1

Ashmolean topic visit - Take One Picture

Jess and Gail's environmental health visit - how clean are our hands!?

Christmas on the ukulele pt2

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Christmas on the ukulele

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The worship team leading assembly!

We are famous! Singing along to our Christmas carol on Radio Oxford!

We are famous! Singing along to our Christmas carol on Radio Oxford! 1

Mr Tighe talking to us about his work in Africa with Oxfam

We learned our first song on the ukulele!

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Ukulele part 2

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Ukulele part 3

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Ukulele part 4

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Cotswold Wildlife Park

Paul Geraghty looking at our books!

Kilvrough assembly photos - thank you year 5 for your contributions!

Mr McGahey came to talk to use about his work in Africa and brought along some artefacts for us to explore!

Conkers maths - after our very serious conker investigation, we drew graphs to show trends in winning conkers!

Welcome to Year 6!

I hope you had a great summer and are ready for a busy and exciting final year in primary school! 

Our topic this term is "Africa.''  We will be learning about the geography, culture and history of different African countries

If anyone has been to any African country and has photos, resources, books etc that we could borrow, or even come in and talk to us about, we would be extremely grateful! 


Come back and visit the page regularly for updates.

Autumn term - topic web

Community week - Freeland House visit. We performed a selection of songs, poems, short stories and drama

Architect visit - thank you Mr Sheppard and Mr Linnell for organising

Open afternoon - thank you to all the parents who visited and joined in with our art activity and story writing

A selection of the parent/child 100 word stories written during the course of our open afternoon.

Clearly some frustrated authors amongst us!


Suddenly, Slimagon slipped forwards towards his next victim. He could see his pray with one eye tucked behind him. His stomach squelched and churned with excitement at the thought of his next meal. Hunger was just part of his daily challenge which would end after this encounter. The precious jewels on his belt flash and glow as he approached his meal and unfortunately, this alerts his dinner. With nothing to lose, Slimagon stretches to engulf his pray only to fall into a complete heap of slime breathing rapidly, desperately and hungry and lost as to what he would eat next.

Mrs Mellin and Jamie


The monster woke up late very hungry for children as he had only had one boiled kid for supper and no soldiers. He appeared under Louise’s bed and she suddenly smelled his smelly whiff. ‘What is that smell?’ said Louise and promptly vomited all over the monster. He didn’t mind as it just added to the smell and was a nice pre-dinner drink before he gobbled her up. Suddenly the monster felt an almighty urge to burp. BURP! Louise jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs screaming ‘MONSTER!’ The monster sighed… he would go hungry again tonight.

Mr Bailey and Eva

Class 5 going to the polls

Class 5 visit to St Mary the Virgin Church with Revd David Tyler


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Mr Prowen is impressed with our progress!

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Brass update - can you name that tune!?

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Brass - how about this one?

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World Book Day - a selection of the colourful characters that visited us today!

Relive those magical moments from our assembly with Jamie and William's vivid visuals!

Sharing Assembly - WWII topic and Woodlands

Topic Web - Autumn Term

Brass Lessons

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Look what can be achieved after only 8 lessons and 10 minutes practice a day at home!
Persistence pays off!

Brass skills.....

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Guess the tune!

Brass Lessons

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Getting festive!

Revd David Tyler's thought provoking visit on our topic 'Does God Communicate with Man?' and a selection of pieces from our working wall.

Brass lessons with Mr Prowen

Year 5 WWII Game - while the Year 6 children were on transition day, we made a board game to play!

WW2 End of Term Extravaganza!

WW2 End of Term Extravaganza!

On the last Friday of term 1, KS2 children dressed up as WW2 evacuees. Firstly, we went to the hall and had some fun singing songs on the piano with Mr McCoy. They were related to the songs sang in the war so we could understand feelings and emotion. It was great seeing the different costumes people had come in and we were told what exciting things were planned for us.

Out in the car park, a surprise of four old military vehicles that all told a story gave us an idea of how much cars have been upgraded! Three very nice men talked us through the use of them and let us sit in all of them. A large vehicle with an open back could almost hold half of year 5/6 and about twenty soldiers all geared up, ready to go!!  We also saw a bullet case alongside an old army rucksack.

After lunch, the Hobgoblin Drama Company came to show us a play based around WW2 stopping to ask group’s character related questions. They were so amazing at expressing feelings it was as if they were a photo copy of real people in wartime. After the great performance, we were able to have a go at modelling each other like clay and having a subject to design a freeze frame as a group. It was awesome how they made the hall into a performing stage atmosphere with backgrounds in such a tiny space in a small amount of time.

Everyone really enjoyed every second of the fun experience and would love to have a similar visit from other people another time. This was a great way to end the term.

By Ila Biggin and Jasmin Yates.  

Term 1

We are reading Fireweed by Jill Paton Walsh as our class book and the children are getting excited as we reach the dramatic conclusion.  This has inspired the children to produce some very thoughtful and creative writing – we are a class of authors!  We have a WOW sentence board where the most powerful sentences from the children’s work each week will be displayed.  There is also the opportunity for children to note down inspirational sentences from books they have read which we can magpie from. 


It was great talking to so many parents at our meet the teacher evening and as always, please feel free to come and chat after school.

Welcome to our class information page.  The children have all settled in to the class well and have been eager to show their independence in learning!


Music for brass lessons

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