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Aspiring and achieving together

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Aspiring and achieving together

Year 4/5

Year 4/5 have made an excellent start back to the Summer term, already producing some fantastic writing based on our book by Brian Selznik, "The Invention of Hugo Cabret."

We are enjoying the book and can't wait to find out what happens next. Ask us to tell you the story so far!

We have been working very hard in maths on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions and have been using bar models to support our understanding. 

The Industrial Revolution has been a focus so far for our topic work, finding out about the many inventions which took place during this period. This is in preparation for our trip later in the term to The Black Country Museum which is an open-air museum which tells the story of the industrial revolution, giving the children an insight into life at that time. It will be a fun and very interesting day out building on much of our learning this term.

We have looked at the work of L. S Lowry and have created pictures in his style having carefully looked at the colours he used and the matchstick men. We have also learned the song!

Summer Term topic Web

Homework for this week is below (March 23rd). Cylinders, Spheres and Cubes should do the long multiplication sheet (answers below so you can check your work)and Pyramids should do the short multiplication sheet with 3 stars at the side.

Have a lovely weekend.

Homework 16th March

We have been reading "The Last Wild" by Piers Torday as a class which we are all really enjoying. It is about environmental issues and is linked to the book we are currently using as the basis of all our English work, "Varmints" by Helen Ward. Both look at the effects that urbanisation has on our world. The children have looked at this in science and have researched more environmentally friendly methods to produce energy such as wind power. We have made anemometers to measure the wind speed and we are currently carrying out an investigation to find out where in our school grounds is the windiest place. 

In English we have looked carefully at the central character in "Varmints" and have thought about how he feels about urbanisation. We have generated vocabulary to describe his feelings using online thesaurus. Instead of sad we have found much more descriptive vocabulary to use in our writing: pensive, lamentable, heavy-hearted, perturbed and sombre are just some of them.

After half term we will write a letter from the perspective of the creature in Varmints to their great-grand child persuading them to look after the earth for future generations. ask your child some of the persuasive techniques they have practised in Big Write this week.

Our topic "Take One Picture" is in full swing and the children have worked hard on lots of cross curricular links to our painting by Pissaro. We visited the Ashmolean Museum last week and the children not only enjoyed the trip but made me very proud with their fantastic behaviour. We saw the painting by Pissaro as well as paintings by his son Lucien Pissaro and other famous artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat and Renoir. It really enthused the children and has inspired them in their own art work based on the impressionists.So far they have produced some stunning water lily paintings using impressionst techniques as well as clay water lilies. 

Our amazing art work.

Our amazing art work. 1
Our amazing art work. 2
Our amazing art work. 3
Our amazing art work. 4
Our amazing art work. 5
Our amazing art work. 6
Our amazing art work. 7

Spring Term Topic Web

Welcome back after the Christmas break. I hope you all had a great time! We have started our new topic called, "Take One Picture." We have looked at a famous painting by Pissaro which is in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford called "View from My Window."It is set in France and has already been a stimulus for some descriptive writing in Big Write. All our learning will stem from this painting. We have looked at the wordless book, "Window" by Jeannie Baker, which shows how a view from a window changes due to urbanisation over about 30 years. We are starting to think about the affects of urbanisation on our world and we will read the book "Varmints" by  Helen Ward next week. This book will be the focus of our English work for 2-3 weeks. It should stimulate lots of discussion, writing and ideas related to environmental themes.

Please have a look at the topic web to see all the other exciting things we will be doing this term.

The National Curriculum states that children should know all their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. Several children are heading towards that milestone at the end of the year and the majority of the class should now know all their times tables. They need to know them in a random order and with immediate recall. The difference this makes to their ability to complete calculations is enormous. Please could you support your child in ensuring this term that they have instant recall of all times tables. Many thanks.

It is also really important that children read at home, both to an adult and to themselves at least 3 times a week. Story CD's are also a great way for children to develop their language skills and enjoy stories. 

We are looking forward to a successful and fun term!

Class assembly November 2017

Class assembly November 2017 1
Class assembly November 2017 2
Class assembly November 2017 3
Class assembly November 2017 4
Class assembly November 2017 5

Our topic this term is AFRICA!!

Welcome to the new school year. I hope you have had a lovely relaxing summer break and are ready for the new term and a new school year. 

We have a very exciting topic this term which is "Africa." We will be doing all kinds of fun learning to find out about where Africa is, what it is like and who lives there. Have a look at our topic web below to see some of the learning we will be covering.

If anyone has any resources, books, etc to support our topic we would be very grateful.

Welcome to Year 4/5