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Aspiring and achieving together

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Aspiring and achieving together

Year 4/5

Welcome to Year 4/5!

This term our topic is The Americas. We have been looking at the geography of The Americas and finding out where in the World they are and the oceans which surround them. We will go on to look at the different biomes found in America.

We have also been looking at who first arrived in America. Many believe it was Christopher Columbus and claim he was a hero for discovering The Americas. However we have found there was another side to this historical story!

In Science we have been learning about pollination of flowering plants and non flowering plants. We can now explain the 2 different ways that plants reproduce.




The children have made a fabulous start to the year and are working really hard. It was lovely to meet so many of you at the 'Meet the Teacher' evening last week. 


The children have been very enthusiastic learners, fully involving themselves in our topic on WWII. We have looked at how the war started and have read a book called 'The Little Ships' by Louise Borden, which recounts the story of Dunkirk. The Battle of Britain has been another focus and the children have starting making paper mache models of WWII aeroplanes used in this battle. 


In science our electricity work will enable us to make a circuit to power a propeller for our planes. The children have also produced some wonderful 'Blitz' artwork which they are very proud of and is displayed in the classroom.


We are working hard to become more independent in our learning and to challenge ourselves. 

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