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Aspiring and achieving together

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Aspiring and achieving together

Year 2

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Here are some of the children's comments from the day:


Cohen - It was fun today because we got to watch the film of 'The Polar Express' and it was cool how the tables were set up in to the train. 


Bella - We ate biscuits and we drank hot cocoa 'as thick as melted chocolate bars'. We had a fantastic day!


Eddie - Today was the best day of my life!!


Ava - Today was epic because Miss Hatt set the tables out like a train carriage and we got to dress up in our pyjamas and dressing gowns like the boy in the book and the film. I liked the film better because it was much longer and it had more detail.

We read the book in the afternoon and then discussed the similarities and differences between the book and the film. Here are their ideas:
Similarities Differences
  • They both say the same words at the end
  • Elves were in the square at the North Pole in both
  • They drank hot chocolate on the train
  • Santa gives the first gift of Christmas
  • They both had a present at the end
  • We got to know more about the characters in the film
  • One of the train carriages gets detached in the film
  • There are sweets in the book not in the film
  • There is a ghost man on top of the train in the film
  • There is more detail about the naughty and nice list in the film
  • The children fell into the large present sack in the film
  • The film was longer
  • The bell landed at the boys feet when it fell off the reigns in the film but was cut off in the book
  • The journey was different and longer in the film
  • The children visit the toy factory in the film
  • The ice cracked and the train nearly crashed in the film
We have had an exciting day in year 2!!! We loved coming into school in our pyjamas to watch the 'Polar Express' as part of our literacy. Every single one of us took on the role of one of the passengers aboard the Polar Express, boarding the train with our golden ticket and excitement for a journey to the North Pole! The children enjoyed hot chocolate 'as thick as chocolate bars' just like they did in the book.

Our science topic this term is 'Animals including humans'. This week we have been learning about healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet. We sorted foods out in to red, yellow and green plates. Green are foods that we should eat lots of, yellow are foods that we should eat sometimes and red are foods we should only eat a little bit of!!!

On Monday 21st November we all met with lots of enthusiasm ready for our gymnastics festival with all the other year 2's across the academy schools. As you can see from our photographs we had great fun!!

After half term we spent time thinking about Autumn and the lovely vocabulary we could use to write shape poems. Here are our poems we are really proud of them.

We have had some thoughtful responses in R.E


Our key question this term is

'Why did God give Jesus to the world?'

Picture 1

We read our stories to the egg just like George in MP Robertson's 'The Egg' Image result for the egg robertson


A Shared Newspaper report

We enjoyed the mysterious appearance of an egg in the quiet area!






We started off the Year with a trip!!


Here are some pictures from our fantastic day at Warwick Castle with Year 1.








Warwick Castle

Welcome to our Year 2 class page


Welcome to Year 2!

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