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Aspiring and achieving together

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Aspiring and achieving together

Woodlands 2016

We're back!


Well done to everyone for a great week and showing the 4Rs in abundance!

The winners of the tidy room and respect competition was Usk for the boys and Hay for the girls! Congratulations - 5 House Points for each person in those rooms!


Friday Mountain Walk Group 3

Friday Group 2 Mountain Walk

Friday Group 1 Mountain Walk

Thursday’s report from Group 3

Round up of the week so far - on Tuesday we went to do high ropes and climbing – the atmosphere was amazing as we all helped each other across the stations.  The view of the snowy mountains in the distance was breath taking. On Wednesday, we went canoeing.  We paddled 4 miles but we didn’t give up and we had lots of fun along the way. We met group 2 – they were the ones who started the water fight!

Today we went caving and we had to be super resilient as we went through spider alley and glump sump. Also we were very resourceful by using the maps to work out where we were going. We used reciprocity to get through the cave!

We have had a great few days here at Woodlands and we hope that tomorrow, our final day,  is just as good.


4R winners 


Resourcefulness – Jemimah

Reciprocity - Jake

Resilience – Maisie H

Reflection – Samuel

Birthday Celebrations!

Thursday Group 1 Canoeing

Thursday Group 2 Caving

Wednesday's report from Group 2


Mark (our enthusiastic instructor) reminded us, at our morning briefing, of the brilliant news that we would be doing canoeing today!

The journey there flew by with Ivet and co singing a pirate song.  They got to over 50 without getting bored…we are  pretty sure the adults enjoyed it too.

When we arrived at the canal, it was quite a struggle getting all the canoes down the path but with amazing reciprocity we succeeded. 

Half way through the journey on the dirty, calm, mirror-like canal, we spied the other group heading towards us!  Being the more sensible group, it hadn’t even occurred to us to splash the other group.  But as Mr Jeffries started it and since we were wearing our waterproofs, we splashed each other and had great fun!  The splashing continued for the rest of the trip.

We ended the day with an incredible game of water polo in our canoes.  It was a brilliant day!


4R winners 


Resourcefulness – Harry

Reciprocity - Ivet

Resilience - Izzy

Reflection – Maisie B


The evening activity was a map orienteering competition.

The runners up were Maisie H and Lottie M who proved to be a formidable team.

The winners were Hamish and Sam S.  Everyone agreed that if ever you found yourself stuck up a mountain, you’d want these boys with you.  Well done!


Wednesday Group 1 Climbing

Wednesday Group 3 Canoeing

Tuesday's report from Group 1


Marching in the Welsh caves, we faced and conquered our fears!  The Cheese Press, as its names suggests, was a tight squeeze!  On the other side, Ella faceplanted the puddles 3 times but kept on smiling and laughing!  We all encouraged each other and Miss Gilbert said she couldn't have got through it without our cheering support! Hurray!!!

We really enjoyed our trip and hope we can do it again!


4R winners - at the end of each day,  4 children are awarded house points who have expertly demonstrated one of our learning powers


Resourcefulness - Amelia

Reciprocity - Mathew

Resilience - Eva

Reflection - Lottie W

Tuesday Group 2 Climbing

Greetings from Woodlands!

We arrived at lunchtime after a very wet trip and the rain hasn't stopped falling!  This of course only enhanced the team building activities this afternoon with the mud providing an extra challenge as you can see from the photos.

After a hearty dinner, we had fun doing photo orienteering in the dark.  Well done to Hamish and James for winning the competition of finding all the pictures around the site first.  Some children said they must love their carrots, others claimed it was their super bright torches, they simply said 'teamwork!'

More tomorrow.....