Freeland CE Primary School

Aspiring and achieving together

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Welcome to our school characterised by the Christian Values of Honesty, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love

Aspiring and achieving together

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Office Staff


Mrs Gilbert – School Administrator


Teaching Staff


Mrs Nickelson – Headteacher


Mrs Brame

Mrs Brame – SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Year 6 Class


Mrs McCarthy – Class Teacher (Deputy)


Year 4/5 Class


Miss Hustler – Class teacher


Year 3/4 Class


Mrs Tacon

Mrs Tacon – Class teacher


Year 2 Class


Mr Lambert – Class teacher


Year 1 Class


Miss Lamb – Class teacher


Foundation Class


Mrs Keeber

Mrs Keeber  – Class teacher


Teaching Assistants


Mrs Hubbard Mrs Deakin Mrs Gorman  
  Mrs Hubbard
Mrs Deakin Mrs Gorman Mr Pratt  
Mrs Jinks Mrs Lench Mrs Zanre Mrs Coates  
Mrs Jinks Mrs Lench Mrs Zanré Mrs Coates  




Ms Treadwell   Miss Caldicott

Ms Treadwell & Miss Caldicott


Site Manager


Ms Treadwell

Ms Treadwell